Brays Fork Accident

An early morning crash at Brays Fork sent 4 people to the hospital. Rescue 1 and Engine 2 worked to free the entrapped occupants from the wreckage.

Vehicle Fire near Millers Tavern

TEVFD responds to a vehicle fire on 360 near St. Paul's church at the intersection of Midway Rd for a single vehicle fire. Company 1 arrives and extinguishes the flames, but not before the engine compartment was consumed.

Walnut Shade Rd MVC

Shortly after 1pm, TEVFD responded to Walnut Shade Rd for a MVC overturned with occupants still inside of the vehicle. Company 3 and Rescue 1 arrived on scene and quickly went to work to stabilize the vehicle and remove...

MVC on Dunnbrooke Rd

TEVFD working an overturned vehicle on Dunnbrooke Rd near the 360 end. Single vehicle accident down the embankment around 6:00am.

Overturned vehicle with entrapment

TEVFD responds to Tidewater Trl North of Tappahannock for vehicle overturned with entrapment of the occupants. Crews arrived and worked to free the person and assist with other hazards on scene. Our crews train tirelessly and respond to help...

Rivahfest Eve on Prince St

A concerned citizen having dinner on Prince St. noticed smoke rising from the building's rooftop late Friday evening and called to report. Upon arrival of TEVFD heavy smoke was from the chimney. Upon investigation, a fire was located in...

MVC near Henley Fork

Despite the high heat conditions, TEVFD responded to a two vehicle MVC on Richmond Hwy near Tappahannock Chevrolet. As Rivahfest was winding down, your local team was out still working to keep our community safe

MVC Tidewater Trl near M&L

Station 1 & 2 respond to overturned vehicle with confirmed entrapment on 17 near M&L.
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