News Motor Vehicle Collision

MVC near Caroline line

At approximately 7:30pm TEVFD was dispatched to Tidewater Trail (17N)near Supply road for an overturned vehicle with 5 people inside. Engine 3 and Rescue 1 responded to the scene, and assists the EMS units with the multiple patients. The...

Early morning traffic snarl

TEVFD responds to a motor vehicle crash on 360 at the Kino Rd intersection near Tappahannock Cheverolet. Only minor injuries, but could have been much more serious.

Evening commute halted at Center Cross

TEVFD responded to a report of a two vehicle crash at the intersection of Howertons Rd and Tidewater Trail in Center Cross with occupants trapped. Crews from Station 1 and 2 worked the scene and handles all hazards and...

MVC in Dunnsville

TEVFD Responded to a MVC in Dunnsville at the intersection of Johnsville and Tidewater Trail. Minor damages sustained and minimal leaked and hazards at the scene.

Sunday morning MVC on Johnsville

Shortly after 10:00am on Sunday October 25th, TEVFD responded to a MVC on Johnsville Rd in Dunnsville for a single vehicle off the roadway. Upon arrival, significant damage to the vehicle was noticed and the driver was exited the...

Early morning MVC near Beverly Ln

shortly after 1:00am on Saturday, October 24th, TEVFD was alerted to a MVC on Tidewater trail near Beverly Lane, North of Tappahannock. Crews responded to find the single occupant with injuries was out of the vehicle on arrival. She...

TEVFD responds to MVA on 17 North

TEVFD responded to a Motor Vehicle Crash approx. 6mi North of Tappahannock. The vehicle overturned and had airbag deployment leaving the driver with non life threatening injuries. Rescue 1 and members from Station 3 were on scene to mitigate...

Brays Fork Accident

An early morning crash at Brays Fork sent 4 people to the hospital. Rescue 1 and Engine 2 worked to free the entrapped occupants from the wreckage.
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