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Animal Rescue

The Tappahannock-Essex VFD responded to an animal rescue call today near the Rappahannock River. [Animal Rescue]Essex Sheriff's Department Animal Control and Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries responded to an Osprey in distress that was entangled in a discarded kite string near a tree. The bird was suspended almost 40 feet inverted with a wing and leg entwined in the snag.

The TEVFD positioned their Ladder truck in a neighbors yard and had to use a chain saw to cut a path over to the fowl. Once access was made, Deputy Chief Corey Beazley freed the bird and brought it down to be evaluated for injury by the Game Warden. With no obvious injury, the bird was released and it flew out over the Rappahannock with no obvious troubles.

The Rescue was very taxing for positioning of the aerial truck and the work to remove tree limbs to get to the bird, but watching such a powerful bird soar out over our river was worth every bit of it.

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