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The Tappahannock-Essex VFD Banquet Hall can seat up to 200 and has an attached full size kitchen. The fee for hall rental is $800.00 with $200.00 due upon the signing of the hall rental agreement.

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Use this form to book your event at the Tappahannock-Essex VFD Banquet Hall. The department will review your request and contact you with further details. Please be sure to review the listing of already scheduled events on the Calendar of Events prior to submitting your request.

Please note: submitting this request does not guarantee a reservation.

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Banquet Hall Agreement

IMPORTANT: Please read the Banquet Hall Rental Agreement and enter your initials below to proceed.


The following rules have been adopted by the membership of the Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department, Tappahannock, Virginia.


Rent: $800.00 due prior to date building is used. A deposit of $200.00 shall be required from the renter upon signing of the lease agreement and will be returned after clean-up of the building. To gain entry into the building the night before your event for set up, an additional $100.00 will be charged.

Rent: Board of Supervisors, Essex County, and Tappahannock Town Council meetings: There will be no charge for these meetings, however, each governmental body will be responsible for any wall and/or building damage during the meetings.

KITCHEN: Ladies Auxiliary: Renters are authorized to use all appliances. Pots, pans, and cooking utensils are the responsibility of the renter. Anything missing or damaged must be replaced or returned.

ALL PAYMENTS SHALL BE MADE WITH CERTIFIED FUNDS (money order or cashier’s check) payable to “Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department.”

CURFEW: Activities at the building must conclude by 1:00 a.m. Activities that involved youth under the age of 18 must conclude by 11:00 p.m. due to Town of Tappahannock curfew laws. Clean up must be completed that evening unless other arrangements have been made.
LICENSE: All renters shall be responsible for obtaining a) an ABC license of needed; b) completing a permit with the Town of Tappahannock (see below) at least (7) days prior to the event.

All renters will be responsible for the proper cleaning of equipment and building. All trash, bottles and other matters (inside and outside the building) should be placed in the dumpster behind the building. All trash cans in the building should be dumped into the dumpster as well. All chairs and tables will be folded down and put back on the racks and in their storage room. This includes sweeping and damp mopping if needed. No nails are to be driven inside or outside, walls or ceiling. No tape is to be used inside or outside the building. Nothing is to be hung from the ceiling. No chemical, pyrotechnics, or dry ice are to be used. Renters will be held fully responsible for all wall and/or ceiling damage.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the renter shall hold harmless the Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, arising out of the leasing of the building or property for the use by others. The renter shall assume all responsibility for any action as aforestated during the time that this lease agreement is in force.


Each phase of this agreement must be read and agreed to by both renters and an official of the Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department, and duly signed. A member of the Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department will be at the building during the duration of the event. The member is there to insure the building is secure at all times. This member shall have the social hall and back. No parking is allowed on the right side of the building.

Any violation of any of these rules could prevent further use of the building by the respective party or parties; payments and or loss of deposit; or any monies to restore building and/or property to its original condition.

The Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department reserves the right to refuse or cancel at any time for any reason any rental agreement.

By entering my initials, I agree to the above rental agreement and understand that this request does not guarantee a reservation in the Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department banquet hall: