Apparatus Rescue 1

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Rescue 1

Primary Station: Station 1

Type Rescue

Make, Model: Pierce, Contender

Year: 2010

Crew Capacity: 4

Pump Type: 1250 Single Stage Hale

Water Capacity: 1000

MVC's, auto fires, Technical Rescue. Carries HURST cutters, spreaders, rams,TarHeel Tool, 15000kw hydraulic generator, high psi air bags, pneumatic tools,hand tools,assortment of cribbing,set of auto cribbs, rescue rigging, stokes basket,ARS struts, High lift jacks. 9,000lb front mounted winch,portable.(may be moved to all sides of truck.chain saw, Res Q cut saw,75lb. Absorbent hopper.Carries limited fire fighting equipment. SCBA's VAOEMS Licensed for on scene EMS care. Night Scan light tower.